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Sow the seed in the fall or stratify the seed for 60 to 120 days at 37 to 41 F and plant in the spring. They have been col.
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  • These are quite thirsty trees and require regular irrigation.
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    Maples will make seeds even if the flowers don't get pollinated.

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    The Japanese maple, or Acer palmatum in botanical terms, is a shrub or small deciduous tree, that is, that fall in autumn, originating in Japan and South Korea.

  • Pre-treating seeds helps the seed "break dormancy" and initiate the germination process.
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  • At some point, @BonsaiNaga13, you might want to sacrifice a few seeds to see if they really are viable.
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    Once you’ve collected your seeds the goal is to sow them and get them to germinate.

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    But you can germinate fresh cherry seeds using the plant hormone Gibberellic acid.