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HERE are many translated example sentences containing "AFFILIATED" - english-urdu translations and search engine for english translations. Words matching your search are: affability , affable , affairs , affect , affectation , affected , affectedly , affecting , affection , affectionately , For English to Urdu Translation.
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    There are many synonyms of Affiliate which include Associate, Branch, Offshoot,.

  • You can find more definitions and synonyms of Affiliation on this page.
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    It is spelled as [uh-fil-ee-ey-tid].

  • "Affiliated company" Meaning in Urdu is "ملحقہ کمپنی" We are showing all the meanings of word " Affiliated company" even if it is noun, verb or adjective.
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    Affiliated meaning in Urdu, pronunciation, similar words, definition, translations and related words.

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  • It is spelled as [uh-fil-ee-ey-tid].
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    “I have no affiliation with her company, except that I once reviewed the product that is now being pirated and circulated freely around.

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    Affiliated synonym words included Attached, Connected.